Comparison between K-Span Systems and other Systems

A Comparison Between the( K-SPAN )Steel Building System & the Conventional Steel Building System

  • Buildings are constructed on a continuous concrete strip footing along the building.
    • It fits all kinds of soils, as the roof and wall loads are transferred to the foundation through the base of each arch. Therefore, all loads are uniformly carried down each sidewall by continuous strip footings.
  • No Structural farming as trusses or any nuts, bolts, rivets or screws are required to erect a (K-SPAN) manufactured building.
  • Steel is formed and produced at the mill by cold roll forming process according to the specifications of the American Institute (A.I.S.I), which keeps the physical specification of the steel during the process of manufacturing.
  • By the conventional way, Kirby sheets are mounted on roof or end walls by a huge quantity of screws, which allow the rain or water to enter inside the building. The (K-SPAN) steel buildings are waterproofed, because the arches and the end walls are seamed together in a totally waterproof joint by the electric seaming machine. No nuts bolts or screws are used in the erection of the arches or the end walls.
  • The arches' shape of the building gives the possibility to disperse the forces' effect on the building whether it was air pressure, explosions, earthquakes, or whirl winds that give a direct effect on the conventional buildings with straight corners.
  • The inside thermal, acoustic, and fire protection insulation for ( K-SPAN ) steel buildings are less expensive than any insulations of the conventional steel buildings.
  • Because of its weather protection capabilities, the K-SPAN steel system is preferred to cover basins and stadiums where there is too much steam, salts and humidity.
  • K-SPAN protection facilities are distinguished with their architectural, geometrical and beautiful designs that complete the outside view of the building with an artistic touch of beauty, whether it was outside or inside the building . K-SPAN arches can be also dismantled and erected again in any other place without any changes in its shape or specifications where it is impossible in the conventional steel system. Out of this comparison, we find out that using the K-SPAN system is much more effective than using other conventional steel building system for the following reasons ;
    • The cost estimate of a K-SPAN SYSTEM steel building is half the cost estimate of a conventional steel building.
    • The necessary time needed to execute a K-SPAN steel building is half the time needed to execute a conventional steel building.
    • The cost estimate for the maintenance of a K-SPAN SYSTEM steel building afterwards is considerably less than the cost estimate for the maintenance of a conventional steel building.

Drawings &Calculations

Prices for all buildings include one set of printed erection drawings, one erection procedure manual If required, two sets of standard computer calculations will be furnished upon request. When requested, four sets of approval erection drawings wall be furnished. No further work will be done by K-SPAN until one set drawing is returned " Approved " or " Approved as Noted " . Erection drawings will be issued " For Construction " after receipt of signed approval drawings. Only drawing stamped " For Construction" shall be for used for erection .