Fabric Parking Shades

The benefits of using a high quality shade cloth in shading your parking is to reduce intense heat during summer months, we have many design options for your fabric car shades such as wave, pyramid, Conical, Arch, continues and IIPG Simplicity Arch design. The design of your shade structure can be adjusted to meet your outdoor spaces specific requirements but did you know that the type of shade cloth used in your car shade plays a vital role in the shade installation as a whole.

Shade cloth offer great heat and glare reduction for almost any type of outdoor space while also preventing damaging UV radiation which can cause skin cancers and other skin related problems.

Choosing a high quality fabric ensures that your car shade structure lasts for many years to come, keeps its shape all year round and can even protect against hail damage.

Therefore; IIPG offering many fabric types to fulfil your requirements and meet with your budget

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