Car Parking Shades

IIPG offers a variety of parking solutions for different purposes to suit your needs. Our parking awnings are designed to the highest standards, our designers and technical team have the ability to prepare a design that perfectly suits your requirements, and all of our tools are ready to give you the best experience and services that make you satisfied.
We provide parking solutions for all kinds of uses such as open spaces for hotels, resorts, schools, malls, etc.
Furthermore; We offer K-Span, fabric, polycarbonate, and solar panel solutions to meet your needs.
More than three decades of experience in your services to turn your dream project into reality
  • K-Span Parking Shades
  • Fabric Parking Shades
  • Polycarbonate Parking Shades
  • Solar Panel Parking Shades
  • Pergola Parking Shades
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SuperSpan Shades and Ceiling

The steel profile of the SuperSpan is very strong, allowing for up to 40 length meter distances between support columns without any intermediate support of columns, beams, or trusses, reducing costs and speeding up installation.
Furthermore SuperSpan technology is Leak-less, waterproofing, maintenance-free, cooling down temperature and resistant to damage & Corrosion.
SuperSpan is by far the best solution for wide shading and ceiling buildings which looks nice and can shorten and simplify your construction process.
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Shades for different applications produced from K-Span, Fabric, Polycarbonate panels and Solar panels such as
  • Sail Shades
  • Pergola Shades
  • Beach Shades
  • Swimming Pool Shades
  • Kids Play Ground Shades
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Smart Parking System

We, IIPG are cooperating with leading manufacturers and exporter specialized in Automated Car Parking Systems and Steel Structure Fabrication in Korea.
We have a variety of experience for design, manufacturing and installation about Automated car parking system in the local projects and overseas projects. From new designs to functions there is always something new that comes out in the market for the customers more conveniently.
We are always providing parking system with newest and most advanced technical solutions based on flexibility and new ideas. Since these systems are modular, they can be adapted to many different spaces. Automated car parking system uses height, width and depth more efficiently than conventional garages.
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Steel Structures and Buildings

Steel building for different applications such as
  • Farming & Agricultural
  • Military Buildings
  • Complexes & Supermarket
  • Schools & Classrooms
  • Mosques
  • Sports Stadiums
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Prefabricated Houses
  • Stores & Storage Sheds
  • Industrial Buildings
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Stainless Steel Solutions

Due to our years of extensive experience and deep market understanding, we offer stainless steel solutions to industrial, residential and commercial sectors. To transfer this work in the best possible way, we have a team of dedicated employees who use premium stainless steel and the latest machinery according to specific global standards. In addition, we offer this business at affordable prices and short period of time.
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